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Let me know of any editions that I haven't included and especially any performances which have taken place where this page proved useful! Hypertext Links from compositions on this page lead to the discography section and in some cases to the composer biography. The Introduction outlines the historical background to the royal wedding and so places the work in its context.

A full description of the wedding festivities is followed by a biographical section, a section discussing the horn parts as well as discussion of the vocalists employed at the first performance. The symbolism and orchestration of La Gara are followed by a performance practice section, library source details and editorial methodology and critical notes. The edition includes the complete text and translation. Diana su l'Elba : Seibel Edited by Michael Walter: The preface to Michael Walter's edition clearly shows the immense amount of work taken in its production.

A discussion of the symbolism and orchestration of Diana su l'Elba is followed by a performance practice section, library source details and editorial methodology and critical notes. Canticum Simeonis.

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Edited by Mel Unger. Heilig ist Gott Dt. Concerto for two 'Corni da caccia' Horns and Orchestra , score, 10 2. Concerto in? Since the bassoon does not merely have an accompanying function but is put on a par with the oboe as an independent, contrapuntal part, we here have an early example of a duet-sonata which discloses virtuoso passages amazing for the times.

The psalm text of the solo motet Nisi Dominus aedificaverit domum was widely popular and used in a variety of settings. In his C-minor setting of , Heinichen enhanced the text with a formally well-rounded composition full of delightful sonorities, yet utterly faithful to its serious intent. Contrary to his setting of the same text in G minor probably earlier, and completely autonomous for soprano, bass, obbligato oboe and small orchestra, Heinichen expressly leaves the choice of soloist — either soprano or tenor — to the performers, and adds a chamber-style concertante oboe to the inevitable general bass.

Following the practice of the time, it is perfectly plausible to replace the oboe with a flute or violin. The likeliest continuo instrument is the organ or portative. However, a chamber registration would also suit the piece in a larger hall.

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When using a harpsichord, one should be aware that longer notes in the continuo realization are to be broken down into shorter note values. The execution depends on the continuo player's taste and habits, particularly since the printed realizations should only be considered as a one of many possible ways of interpreting the continuo. It should not stifle or suppress the element of improvisation. The ornaments offer a broad domain for spontaneous music making. This edition, which offers the editor's suggested realizations of only the most important embellishments, gives the performer a wide scope to introduce ornaments according to his stylistic understanding and technical proficiency.

Of course, it should be warned against burdening the melody with too many ornaments, or against executing the piece all too soberly and dryly. It is essential to have an appropiate bass instrument bassoon, violincello, viola da gamba even when there is an organ with strong bass registers to hand. The continuo realization has been prepared according to the guidelines given by Heinichen himself in hs Der General Bass in der Composition Our special thanks go out to the Sachsische Landesbibliothek, Dresden for granting permission to print the work for the first time, and to the director of its musical division, Dr.

Wolfgang Reich, for courteously supplying us with much profitable advice. Concert Seibel Hausswald 1. Musikinstrumentenwerk, D Celle, Postfach Fax: Moeck Nr. This Concerto a 8' has the unusual scoring of flauto concertato, 3 flauti ripieni, 2 violins, viola and cembalo.

The bass part is unfigured. A performance without keyboard i. The recorder parts were originally written in the french violin clef. The second and third ripieni recorders have been exchanged in the last movement, thus correcting the error in the source. The present study edition of this work, for four recorders and keyboard, will enable music lovers to become familiar with this concerto by Heinichen. The keyboard part is a short score of the string parts with the realisation of the bass part included in the appropriate places. Halftone of a contemporary ms copy the only known source for this piece , together with a new practical edition.

Berlin, Mus. Archivum Musicum: Monumenta Musicae Revocata, 8.

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Line-cut of the complete autograph score, supplemented by a copy of the solo flute part in the hand of Christoph Friedrich Penzel. Presents in addition three 18th-c. P and Mus.

P , scores in the hand of Johnann Philipp Kirnberger and Christoph Altnikol, and the obligato cembalo part alone by an unknown copyist. Introduction in It-Eng by Marcello Castellani.

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Quarter linen. Herausgegeben von Peter Wollny.

J.S. BACH Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007

Herausgegeben von Michael Maul. Kassel, Line-cut of the Paris, Introduction in Fr-Eng-Ger. Includes dance notation for 12 numbers. Celle, Line-cut of the Leipzig, edition. Studi e Fonti per la Storia della Musica in Liguria, 2. Savona, Oblong, 21 x 30 cm, , 73 pp. Unique source of music in tablature notation for the sordellina fols. It is the only ms containing instructions for tuning the sordellina, a type of Italian drawing-room bagpipe. The buttafuoco is a dulcimer-like instrument. Introduction in It, with modern transcriptions of 89 works. Amsterdam, s.

Archivum Musicum: Flauto Traversiere, Line-cut of the Amsterdam, c. Introduction in Ger-It by Nikolaus Delius. Wrappers, in decorative paper. Venedig, Ricciardo Amadino Faksimile-Edition Augsburg, 1. Wrappers, with handsome portfolio in marbled paper. Preface: Peter Hedrick. Historical Oboe Tutor Series, I. Columbus, Oblong, 28 x 21 cm, vi, 19 pp. Line-cut of the Walsh edition, London, Reproduktion nach einer Kopie aus der 2.

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Oblong, 30 x 21 cm, 18 pp. Line-cut of a contemporary manuscript copy. Lute part in French tablature. Londra Archivum Musicum: Strumentalismo Italiano, Introduction in It by Marcello Castellani. Introduction: P. Peer, Venedig, Bartholomeo Magni, Line-cut of the Venice, partbook edition. Wrappers, with portfolio covered in marbled paper. Faksimile-Edition Krakau, 4. Rich collection of sacred concerti for all sorts of vocal combinations: 8 works a4, 3 works a3, 9 works a2 and 4 for solo voice, all with basso continuo and many calling for trombone or chittarone accompaniment.

Bassano, a cornetto player who was a member of the ensemble at St. This is the first one, which includes examples of quasi-improvised pieces for solo instrument. Collection Dominantes. Line-cut of the Paris, []. Introduction in Fr by Paul Fustier. Line-cut of the Hamburg, edition. Archivum Musicum: Strumentalismo Italiano, 9. Oblong, 34 x 24 cm, v, 59 pp. Libro primo, opera settima.

Oblong, 30 x 21 cm, 98 pp. Line-cut of the Giacomo Monti edition, Bologna, Six canzoni notated in score treble plus basso continuo. Preface in Fr-Eng-Ger. Nashua, c. Faksimile Heilbronner Musikschatz, Oblong, 20 x 15 cm, 2 partbooks, 86 pp. Vocal or instrumental duets by A. Erich, V. Fortius, J. Heller, R. Rephun, A.

Schwartz, T. Stoltzer, and others.