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  2. Death in Paradise filming locations in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean – On the Luce travel blog
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I believe the episode is from season 2 or 3. Thank you for these beautiful pictures :.

The Murder Option

Hope you have an amazing time! That episode is filmed at the Langley Fort Royal resort just outside Deshaies. We recently returned from 10 days in Guadeloupe and spent two days at the resort. The main part of the hotel is where the clinic was. That resort is pretty well the only large resort in Basse Terre. It used to be a Club Med, which is now in the other half of Guadeloupe. That is where most of the resorts are. We personally prefer Basse Terre, which is far less developed and has wonderful Bed and Breakfast places, and small hotels.

So, if I went there in May I should be able to see the beach shack up? Can you get close enough to see them shooting different scenes? My dream is to bask in the sun and have a barbeque by the beach. We sailed our boat to the Caribbean last winter and one of our goals was to check out where D in P was filmed as we had been watching it for several seasons on Netflix.

I thought just knowing it was filmed in Guadeloupe would get us there, had no idea how big Guadeloupe really is. As luck would have it, our first port of call after leaving Antigua was Deshaies so we really lucked out. Really cool, even my 14 yr old grandson got into it. It really is bigger than it looks!

Death at the Distillery

We watched a few episodes while we were out there too — really interesting to see all the tricks they use to make one area look like so many different locations. I accidentally discovered it on Netflix, and was immediately hooked.

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The location has me so enthralled that I want to visit. Your blog makes it all the more enticing. Hope you get to make it out to Saint-Marie yourself someday! Like all the previous comments we also love the show and your photos and insight into the location. We are looking to book a week away in February and would love to stay there. Besides we plan to check out the filming locatios of DIP, very nice and relaxing show. Any idea on weather during January or February? Yes season eight is on the way!

We were there last January and the weather was great — pretty dry except for some showers up in the hills on Basse Terre and around 25C and perfect for swimming in the sea. Have a great trip!

Death in Paradise filming locations in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean – On the Luce travel blog

Thanks for sharing such a detailed account. I have been waiting for a new series for ages. Are we ever going to get more ,it is so popular ,when will we get to go back to Paradise to solve a crime. They filmed series 8 this spring so it is on the way! Had the good fortune to sail from the Canary Islands to Guadeloupe in Have fond memories of my time there. Thank you for a great article and fabulous pics! I am visiting the island in a few weeks and will definitely check out the locations!

Hi Lucy we are hoping to on a cruise and going to Poinre-A Pitney can you do your own trip from the docks? Spent a week in and around Deshaies, April Really beautiful, very good restaurants and quite similar to Saint-Marie! Love the show Death in Paradise, which was the main reason for visiting Guadeloupe and in particular, Deshaies. You do need a manual car and the hills in Basse Terre are quite the experience. Yes there are some winding roads out there! Loved visiting the island too, such a beautiful place — very happy Death in Paradise introduced me to it!

Can I ask how you got there flight wise? As a family we would love to visit, but flights are via Paris from the UK and very expensive?? Hi we found that getting a cheap flight to Paris and then booking a return from there was the cheapest way — XL Airways, Corsair and Air Caraibes are all budget airlines which fly to Guadeloupe not too many frills but some good prices or Norwegian via New York also has some good fares.

Whoops, got my currencies wrong. So perhaps that is the best way. Going via New York with Norwegian is the other option. We are going in weeks time. Only hitch is we need to travel from CDG to Orly 70 mins in Paris and not much time for the transfer. Two weeks is perfect. Lucky you… You should try the restaurant Kawan.

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The Menlove Avenue Murder Mystery

A bit expensive but the food is wonderful. It appears in many of the episodes. Another location is Le Rayon Vert. It is a pretty good restaurant which is part of a small hotel. Wonderful pool which guests can use. So have lunch and a swim. It appears often in the show.

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There are many other excellent restaurants near Deshaies. We visited Guadaloupe in February The police station is now a tourist stop. There is an admission fee I think 10 euro. Inside you can see photos of each cast, costumes, and other props.

"the marmalade murders"

You can also enter one of the jail cells. I have a couple of photos if you can tell me the best way to send them or post them. That sounds great — such a good idea to open it up. Thank you for the post! I used to live in Guadeloupe and had a year pass to the Deshaies gardens. It is so much fun to relive the heat, the inevitable sun and the British Caribbean accents we never heard when on Guadeloupe. The acting is great!

And there really is a lot of crime on the island. I worked a wee bit for the justice system: rape had to be diminished on the crime scale in order to free up slots for all the murders: prostitution, drugs, inter-island crime. It was always reassuring to cross paths with the judge on the beach in a bathing suit.

Glad to bring back some good memories! Loved the show from the start. Absolutely amazing show that manages to survive a substantial change in cast members. It would be nice to have a few more details about the locations, especially some of those villas with pools that are somewhere up in the hills. I did stay at the Villa Rayon Vert which shares a hill with the hotel Rayon Vert, which often makes an appearance in the show.

Both have great pools! Now that BBC has renewed the show for two more seasons it might be time to fly off to Guadeloupe in late April!

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Is show on France O if you decide to check,you may get lucky. We just got back from a Caribbean Cruise, which included a visit to Guadeloupe. We rented a car from Hertz, a short walk from the cruise terminal and had a very enjoyable drive up to Deshaies. We spent time on the Anse de Perle Beach and then drove into Deshaies for a look around and some lunch.