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You can even watch the fudge-makers whip it!

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This small-town candy store will transport you back to the s. The Ohio hub which has six locations around the state has rows of colorful candies stocked from floor to ceiling. Ashley H. This popular New York City joint has candy and snow cones. There are also red, white, pink, yellow, orange, black, and blue options.

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William L. The environment is ultra cool, too. David A. Johnson Candy Company is known for its handmade candy. Customers are ecstatic about the butterscotch-covered cashews and seafoam in milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

Where to try classic Chicago candy and sweets

This year-old family-owned establishment is a throwback to simpler and sweeter times. Jeff S.

This family-run shop features a vast amount of handmade chocolates and other goodies that are offered in bulk and by the piece. Jordan D. Phillips Candies was established in Satisfy your sweet tooth with cola bottle gummies, fruit slices, and cheese -coated popcorn. Kearra B. Jennifer F. Rocket Fizz is a super-fun chain that sells thousands of nostalgic goodies. Next to the candy cigarettes, Necco Wafers , and candy buttons is the most outlandish soda selection on earth. Shane Confectionary has everything from fudge and fruit slices to saltwater taffy and nonpareils.

This Arizona shop is a 13, square-foot candy wonderland. Mark C.

America’s Best Old-School Candy Shops Gallery

To the Moon sells over 13, different types of candies, and they claim to have every famous hard-to-find candy made from to now. Jasmine W. The world-famous confectioner has been supplying the boardwalk and beyond with sweet treats for over 75 years now. The historic shop is known for its wide selection of candy-, caramel-, and chocolate-covered Granny Smith apples and for its candy-coated marshmallows topped with caramel, nuts, chocolate sprinkles, or toasted coconut.

Skip to main content. Search Term. September 18, After purchasing Stutz, the Glaser brothers tasked John Glaser, a fourth-generation candy maker, with taking over day-to-day operations.

John had spent 18 years in the industry and understood the intricacies of the chocolate business. In , Stutz expanded its manufacturing facility when it moved to Hatboro. Somehow, John found the time to serve for several years as president of the Pennsylvania Confectionary Association while still running the business. His determination to please our customers allowed Stutz to expand its candy line to be one of the largest in the region and more than tripled sales.

But after many years of changes to the market, and with his health declining, John decided Stutz should cut back from six stores to three. John was able to enjoy partial retirement in Florida, leaving day-to-day operations to his nephew, Richard Knappik.

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But it was also the year that Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey, causing so much damage to our Ship Bottom store that we were forced to close. When John Glaser died in , Stutz was passed to a fifth generation of operators. We opened a new Ship Bottom store in and will look to open even more locations in the future. Stop and see us here in Pennsylvania or at the store, or order from our online store.