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Some members are fellows of three to six lodges, worldwide. One of the goals was to remove the sovereignty of nation states. In the core are basically two factions; both of them are brutal, but one is more brutal than the other. One thinks nothing of putting away 6. They call us goyim or vegetables. The TV was their perfect tool to get people to go along with their world plans.


Further the Smart phone, cell phone, TV. All of them have cameras built in that watch us. And they are watching us. Most people do not want to know the truth; they are too lazy to think. The whole political display is just a theater they play in front of us. For example, Chairman Mao was educated in the United States. He says where he was educated but I cannot understand it. The people on the pictures all belong to the Freemason clubs. Putin talks nicely but we cannot know if we can trust Putin.

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I think they are planning to make war and much of it will play out on German soil to destroy the German people. They will probably instigate something with Merkel doing something just a lie and a game and then start war. I hope I am wrong.

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The thought is almost unbearable. The politics and news are all play-acting. Gandhi and Martin Luther King were in the top lodges. Altnickel believes that this is done to mix the white race with Negros to destroy the white race and change the whole civilization of Europe.

However, we are getting huge amounts of Mexicans and Chinese. Blacks are noticeably less intelligent than whites. The Popes are for a long time members.

Wolf, Uljana 1979-

They are doing all these things so that fear enters little by little into our subconscious. I see even children in the churches using it. But the various factions have disagreements on how to bring about the final One World Government. One faction thinks nothing of putting to death 6. Nowadays, they are testing the various things they will implement, in small ways, here and there. There are three types of lodges. In Germany one must be very, very careful what one says in the public eye, or they will finish the person off, either politically or physically.

The Jews are always watching the Germans to make sure the Jewish lies are not exposed. The democratic lodges less brutal but also want the one-world government. Mediator lodges who want to bring the 2 lodges together again for one common mind. At this time, though the public does not know this, we have no more governments of our countries.

All states are corporations. They are ruled by three groups: City of London 3. District of Columbia Washington. Constitution is no longer valid; it has been topped by a syndicate. The Federal Republic of Germany is under the U. They are under iron control from the Super lodges. Kissinger, and the like, makes sure that their underlings do all that is asked of them. The Rockefellers and Rothschild have their people take care of what they want them to do. If it goes wrong then the Rockerfellers and Rothchilds can wash their hands of it.

It is a totally satanic organization, established by Madam Blavatsky of the Theosophical society. Angela Merkel is a member of it. The unbelievable thing is that she is running the German Christian Party. And, of course, political Jews are always deceivers. And they are the string pullers worldwide. Lodge member Brzezinski claims that the Ukrainian Situation was called up to prevent an even more brutal event. They lie to us left and right. We want to encourage people to become independent. Only if we go along with their plan can they do this. Further they are bombarding us with vaccinations, H.

Incredibly crazy things are already in action. They are creating storms. They want to confuse us and break us down psychologically so that people throw up their hand and give up and let themselves be TOTALLY controlled. Wi-Fi, cell phone use to a minimum and put in the farthest corner of the home tablet, cordless home phones, TV, and fight the smart meter. Throw out that deadly Microwave oven!

You can get rid of the Smart Meter for a small fee and a small monthly fee. But if you live in an apartment where 60 units are hit with scalar waves to read the meters, your one meter will not make any difference, as you are still getting hit with the scalar waves for 59 meters, often double that number, separate meters for electric and for gas.

Eventually they are planning to control our brain turning us into their sub-servient robots. In your home have it removed. Spend the extra money to have it removed and give up something else. Put your computer system on a phone line. It works just as well in many locations. Become independent and self-sufficient. Have some silver coins to buy with. If electricity goes down for even 3 days, it can be very difficult and they are practicing in different places and different ways to see what will cause what.

These are probably killed by scalar wave weapons they will use on demonstrators in the future to kill or freeze them. You can do something to prepare yourself. Werner Altnickel has a German website www. Michael Vogt runs the website www. Gentiles are Idolators and must be exterminated. American Christians will be eliminated according to the Jew-U. Texe Marrs reviews his blockbuster new book unmasking the rabbis and their doctrine that the Serpent—Satan, the Devil—is their god and Messiah.

Definitive proof that Jews often pray to Satan and to many other gods and goddesses. They believe the Serpent to be their companion and helpmate and are convinced he will someday soon vault the Jews to divinity and conquer the Gentiles. The Jews will then be made their own Messiah in a Jewish-owned Kingdom on earth. Incredible, never before revealed exposures. Wer steckt hinter den satanischen Ritualen? The great guessing game as to whether Hitler had or did not have the atomic bomb can be answered rather conclusively.

The German scientists whom the western Allies scrounged together after V. They were part of the teams who had done research work near Berlin and at the Max Plank Institute. Later on they worked at Haigerloch, a little Swabian town in the south of Germany.

Indumentaria archivos - Motos Hot Wheels

The scientists were imprisoned after the war in Farm Hall, an English maximum security prison. Their rooms and cells were bugged with microphones. During the night of Aug. Apparently it was ready. Oppenheimer is reported to have said that the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was made in Germany. Germany first started atomic research when Hitler was sent a letter by Prof.