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Muons in the Context of Fusion
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But it has been dogged by logistical issues — last month the US Senate spending panel voted to stop contributions to the project. Many think another method called inertial confinement provides the best hope for a workable fusion reactor. This uses bombardment by high-energy photons — X-rays — to confine and compress a pellet of hydrogen and its isotopes. Successive X-ray pulses emanate from a large number of lasers completely surrounding the pellet, doing the work of heating, ionising, and compressing the hydrogen to the point where it can fuse.

The biggest barrier to a working model lies in the X-ray lasers, which require a lot of energy to operate, but researchers at laboratories such as SLAC in the United States and the European X-ray Free Electron Laser are actively working to solve the problem.

Though the Z Machine itself is not a fusion reactor and in fact is partly used for developing models for nuclear weapons , the powerful magnetic fields and X-rays it produces are part of a project in which a pellet of hydrogen is repeatedly bombarded with intense pulses of light to compress it. There are other methods for confinement and compression, and more will no doubt be developed. Another path is aimed at lowering the energy barrier to deuterium fusion: forming molecules using muons instead of electrons.

Muons are the heavier, unstable cousins of electrons.

We all have family members like that, I think. Their presence in a molecule of two deuterium atoms brings the nuclei much closer together, consequently making fusion much more likely.

Muon-catalyzed fusion - Wikipedia

However, once the energy cost of making muons and creating molecules using them is added in, muon-catalysed fusion no longer becomes cost-effective. So the question is will we find a way around any of these problems? As with many things, it depends on human scientific ingenuity, and the practical limits placed upon it. Fusion research is relatively expensive, so investing in it is an exercise in hope. More precisely it is hope that once a sustainable fusion reactor is invented, it will repay the investment many times over.

If you would like to comment on this article or anything else you have seen on Future, head over to our Facebook page or message us on Twitter. Cosmic collider To see what's needed to create a sustained reaction, let's look to the best-known fusion reactors of all: stars.

Inside a General Fusion Power Plant

Hot doughnuts All is not lost, however. Few Body Syst. A C91 no. Quantum Mechanics. Lattice dynamics of lithium hydride and lithium deuteride: effect of long-range tree-body forces - Solid State Phys. Data Nucl. Data Tabl. Bohr, B.

muon-catalysed fusion

Nuclear Structure - Volume I, p. A inc. Van Kampen. Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry - Third Edition.

muon-catalysed fusion

Rolfs, W. A Nature Research Journal. We describe here a new method for achieving controlled thermonuclear fusion which appears to give a better overall energy output over input ratio than for laser driven fusion.

Wightman, A. Frank, F. Alvarez, L. Jackson, J. Belyaev, V.

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Tan, W. Muon catalysed fusion for pellet ignition.