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  1. New patients receive a free wellness exam.
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While our staff will make every effort to group dogs appropriately, a liability waiver is required below from those owners who select Group play below. Not all dogs will qualify for this option. Type of Dog Playtime Individual play - play by themselves Group play - play with other dogs of like temperament and size Family play - play with dogs from the same household I understand that while play groups will be closely monitored, unpredictable behavior may arise among dogs who are not familiar with each other.

I further agree to pay for any veterinary care required as a result of injury sustained during group play. Yes No Is your exotic pet safe to handle?

New patients receive a free wellness exam.

Yes No Has your exotic pet ever escaped its cage? Yes No How did they escape? Exotic cage cleaning instructions Describe any instructions for cleaning your pet's cage. List of Belongings Please list all belongings you will be leaving with your pet for their boarding stay. Please be specific. Example: leash, collar, brown stuffed bear, red Kong ball, green cage cover, etc. Would you like your pet to have a bath prior to going home? Yes, please!

Additional charges apply. Subject to availability.

Must pick-up pet after 4pm on pick-up date. Submit Care Instructions Step 3 - Authorization Please print, sign, and bring this form with you when you drop-off your pet.


Must be completed annually. Contact Us: info arnoldpetstation. The Nekoya Cat Hotel takes great pride in trying to provide our clients with the cleanest, most comfortable boarding facility in Singapore. We exercise great care to keep our premises clean, sanitary and properly enclosed for the safety of each cat. We check each and every guest for visible signs of parasites, infection, illness and disease. As much as we put in place very stringent measures to screen, disinfect and protect against every threat, you do take a risk every time you board your cat.

Cat Boarding Guidelines We require that all cats boarding at the Nekoya Cat Hotel areā€¦ Vaccinated within the past 12 months OR; In possession of a titer test for proof of vaccine antibodies Not FIV or FeLV positive Sterilised if over 8 months of age or showing signs of sexual maturity Physically free of fleas, ticks, mites, and other parasites In physically good health for the past 30 days and not exhibiting symptoms of illness OR; If it has just recovered from an illness, that a written note is provided by a licensed veterinarian declaring the cat to be free of infection Clean ie.

AirAsia Web and Mobile Check In

A kitten shall be defined as any cat below 12 months of age. A senior cat shall be defined as any cat above 12 years of age. Reservations To place a reservation, please use our online booking system. For clients requiring urgent boarding arrangements, you are encouraged to call in to the hotel of your choice for immediate assistance from a member of our concierge.

Payments We accept payment via credit card and PayPal through our online booking system. Please only opt to do this if your stay is more than two weeks away. Processing of Bookings We request at least 24 hours for your booking to be processed. These must be provided to us at least 24 hours prior to check-in.

This extra hour will also give you a buffer for delays on the way to the airport.

Boarding Joining instructions

If your airport is served by a light rail train, a disruption of train service during a busy hour will easily eat up that buffer. When the disruption is announced, all passengers along the route will start to hunt down a taxi, and they will all be taken in seconds. If for some reason you are delayed and you're worried about missing your flight or if the flight status indicates that you are in danger of missing your flight, find a member of your airline's staff or talk to staff at the security gate.

They can arrange for speedy check-ins and for you to be moved up in queues. But they won't notice if you don't tell them. Calling for late-passenger instructions while you are on your way to the airport can also help. The plane will not wait for you alone, but it might wait if you're one of 50 connecting passengers on a delayed flight.

Some low cost airlines however are notorious for not even waiting for late connecting flights of their own airline - that's why most of them don't let you book connecting flights in the first place. Even in cities with extensive public transportation, getting to the airport can be difficult. Some urban rail systems omit the airport; it might be far from the city center.

Given its remoteness as well as the captive market, trips to the airport often cost more than normal trips inside the city. This can range from the trivial to the substantial e. Expect to pay an even higher premium for "express" services that connect the airport with a downtown rail station with few or no intermediate stops as can be found in London or Stockholm.

Especially in cities which are served by more than one airport, you must know the name of the airport and your specific departure terminal within that airport. Keep in mind that if you arrive at the wrong airport, it can take an hour or so to go to the correct airport. Terminals can also be far away from each other so be sure to arrive at the right terminal too.

Fortunately, large, modern airports have many forms of "people movers" that link separate terminals and reduce actual walking required. The name of the airport and that of the terminal you will use should be detailed in the itinerary prepared for you by the airline or travel agency. When asking the taxi driver to take you to the airport, don't just mention the city name and then the word airport e.

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London Airport , mention the name of the airport and the terminal e. Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5.

Please verify your email.

An airline may operate from more than one terminal, particularly if it has domestic and international flights, so telling the taxi driver you want to go to the terminal where a particular airline operates may not be enough. If you are asking for airport limousine or shuttle service, giving the flight number is usually all the telephone operator needs as they know which airlines fly out of which terminal. The same cautions apply if you use rail service to reach your airport. Some airports have such an array of terminals that metro lines, subways or railways may have more than one station.

You need to arrive at airports well before your flight as there are a number of procedures you need to complete before boarding: check in, security check, and perhaps immigration control. Airlines will typically have departure boards displays indicating a flight's status. The most important status indicators are Boarding or Go to gate , which is a sign that you should promptly complete check-in and proceed through the security check, and Final call or Last call , which means that you should board the flight as quickly as possible.

In large airports, passengers often need to walk considerable distances.


If you have some motion disability, you should consider ordering a wheelchair. Multi-terminal airports might not be walkable in a practical way, though many modern airport facilities have built automated people-movers to shuttle travelers who need to reach their connecting flights at different terminals. Shuttle buses between terminals may also be available. In either case, access to them may be either landside prior to going through security or airside after going through security and differ between airports - check to see what options you have and where they are located.

Check in consists of three main parts, which used to be performed at the same time but can now be done separately:. The first thing you will need to do at the airport is check in for your flight. This entails proceeding to a check-in desk allocated for your airline or flight.

Present your ticket if you don't have an electronic ticket and some form of ID passport if traveling internationally to or outside the Schengen area or similar agreements to airline staff at your flight's designated check-in counter or at the common check-in counter, depending on your airline. You will also need to present your visa to staff if this is required for your destination.

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On some airlines, you will need to present the original credit card that was used to book your ticket e. EVA Air, Korean Air and possibly sign a form if you bought the ticket directly from the airline's website. When you purchase your ticket the airline should inform you prior to payment.

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This condition is also noted on your ticket. If you are unable to present the card, the original card used for payment will be refunded and you will be required to pay again.