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Autumn at Westonbirt Arboretum
  1. South Africa's Weather
  2. Autumn Season
  3. AUTUMN | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
  4. Autumn at Westonbirt Arboretum
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This melts away quickly though, as winter is still several months away. Lots of people choose this time of year to hike up the highest mountains, because the clear air ensures the best visibility. August is a month bursting with colour, from the fuchsia of willowherb along the roadsides, the red of rowanberries to the deep green of leaves.

South Africa's Weather

At the end of August, Arctic birches turn an orange-tinted ochre yellow, and the blueberry shrubs flame high up on the mountainsides with a fiery red. In September, the colours creep down into the forests, starting with the lemony yellow or pillar-box red of the aspen, followed by the rowan, which moves through a spectrum of deep yellow, luminous orange and deep red, before changing to a surprising purple.

Almost at the same time, the birch leaves cloak entire mountainsides in a vivid yellow. We can usually enjoy a couple of weeks of this glorious spectacle, and then a storm will come and blow it all away. The first rays of the Northern Lights become visible as early as mid-August, once the nights start to grow darker. Experienced Northern Lights hunters can get some incredible photos of the first Northern Lights, but most people should wait until September.


After the equinox of 21 September, your chances of seeing the Northern Lights are at their best, and you can look for them in mild autumn temperatures. Everyone up here looks forward to the berry harvest. Blueberries in August are more dependent on the right combination of rain and sun. Lingonberries in September are sour vitamin bombs with a long shelf-life. The new school year starts in the third week of August in Norway, and this is a sociable time of year for many Northern Norwegians.

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In the university towns, enthusiastic students, with their pockets full of student loans, liven up the beer gardens or get together in brass bands or sewing societies. In short, life gets back to normal.

Autumn Season

Large crowds of family members and other onlookers support the participants. Children playing tamaire at a sports day event. The arts are also associated with the fall, and this is said to be due to the number of competitive exhibitions like Nikaten and Nitten that are held at this time. Art galleries often encourage the public to follow this tradition and make an autumn visit, while universities hold cultural and music festivals. Photo by Aochi Daisuke; courtesy Setouchi Triennale.

AUTUMN | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Japan celebrates the chrysanthemum in various festivals held across the country from October to November. Although not an official national flower, it appears on the imperial seal, which is found on some coins and the covers of passports. A s enrin-zaki arrangement of chrysanthemum blossoms branching out from a single stem. Autumn is also a time for appreciating good food. Around October is peak season for the Pacific saury , which is said to have numerous health benefits. A perfect way to serve it is grilled with salt and sprinkled with juice from a sudachi , a type of citrus fruit, alongside grated daikon radish and soy sauce.

A time-honored way of enjoying saury. Matsutake mushrooms are a byword for fine dining at this time of year. Long steeping brings out the rich flavor and aroma of the mushrooms.

Autumn at Westonbirt Arboretum

Matsutake may be cooked simply with rice or combined in a more complex dish, such as matsutake dobin mushi , prepared with stock, ginkgo nuts, and chicken in an earthenware teapot. Matsutake mushrooms alongside sudachi citrus fruit. In the harvest season, chestnuts, Asian pears, grapes, and persimmons line store shelves, while some people go out to special orchards to pick their own.

Other tasty autumn foods include pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and newly harvested rice and fresh soba noodles. Clockwise from left: grapes, various mushrooms, sweet potatoes, an Asian pear, pumpkins, Pacific saury, chestnuts, sudachi , and persimmons. Autumn has long been thought the best time for tsukimi , or moon viewing.

The fifteenth night of the eighth month on the old calendar is said to be ideal; this falls on September 13 in Moon-themed events are held across Japan on and around this date. The full moon over Matsumoto Castle in Nagano Prefecture. Twice a year, during the weeks centered on the spring and autumn equinoxes, Japanese people remember their ancestors and visit graves in the Buddhist custom of higan. In autumn the higanbana , known in English as the red spider lily, blossoms. More than 5 million of these flowers bloom in the city of Hidaka in Saitama Prefecture, drawing in tourists every year. The famous red spider lilies of Hidaka.

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